My article: Bibi Netanyahu and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

SPEAKING BEFORE THE 37TH ZIONIST CONGRESS on October 20th, Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, said Muhammad Amin al-Husayni, the grand mufti of Jerusalem during WWII, had played a key role in urging Hitler to exterminate the Jews. Netanyahu’s speech has sparked a wave of CONTROVERSY.

By coincidence, Netanyahu’s speech was given at the same time as The Journal of Religious Ethics published an ARTICLE BY MICHAEL SELLS of the University of Chicago rebutting many claims regarding the Grand Mufti’s role in the Holocaust. Following Sells’ article is a RESPONSE by me which develops the ethical implications of this discussion.

Clicking on the  words in all-caps will take you to these documents.


One thought on “My article: Bibi Netanyahu and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

  1. Reader says:

    Sells omits a considerable portion of the grounds for holding the Mufti and significant numbers of Muslims as full-fledged collaborators in the Holocaust, as detailed by such historians as Edy Cohen, Wolfgang Schwanitz, Haviv Kanaan, and Robert Satloff.

    These include
    – Palestinian plans for a crematorium in the Dotan Valley
    – the failure of the planned genocide of Mideast Jews due only to the fact that Rommel was defeated at el Alamein
    – Yugoslavia’s indictment of the Mufti for participation in genocide
    – The timeline of Nazi discussion of Madagascar and Siberia plans throughout 1940 and 1941, switched to a definitive decision for elimination within days of the Mufti’s November 28, 1941 visit
    – Satloff’s study (posted on the USHMM website) of the collaboration of North African Arabs in the Holocaust
    – The truth of Netanyahu’s larger point that the intentions of the Palestinians (and Arabs generally) have been arguably genocidal for a century towards Jews who reject dhimmitude.

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